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Working hard to maintain a dog’s calm energy

Any behaviour problem can respond to Calm Energy

All dogs are different; some with naturally low energy and others high energy. It is that high energy that can cause unbalance in a dog if not channelled correctly.

So whether your dog is low energy or high energy we all have to work hard to maintain calm energy.

Many dogs in today’s society show unwanted behaviours, some more serious but majority are simply frustrated, excited, over stimulated, fearful or anxious. All dogs are individuals and have their own codes and rituals that determine how they act around people other dogs and different animals.

The one thing we must remember is not to generalise or categorise them, as the moment we do that we will lose sight of the individual. However there are certain common factors that can cause problems in dogs.

What many see as a behaviour problem is just a symptom or by product of something. Actual behaviour that we see is a state of mind which can be the dog’s natural way to cope with frustration, excitement fear or anxiety.

labrador & springer spaniel dog

Common factors can be under socialisation, over stimuli or lack of true exercise. The symptoms or by products could include explosive barking, lungeing, nipping, whining and intense pulling on lead.

These kinds of behaviours need to be addressed; all behaviour problems need to be approached with the creation of a calm energy. Working hard to maintain calm energy is the key to 98% of behavioural issues.

Sometimes this can be difficult to maintain as the dogs natural behaviours can override the calm. Ultimately though, all dogs with any behaviour problem respond to the calm state of mind and acceptable alternative behaviour will follow.

So remember all dogs are different; it is the high energy that can cause unbalance in a dog if not channelled correctly. It is our responsibility to make sure our dog’s energy is focused so they can maintain their own calm energy.