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Where does your energy come from and how does it affect your Dog


Human energy has many levels and these levels must all be in balance to work in harmony to create optimum health. Your energy fields (levels) build upon each other.

You have three main energy fields physical, mental and emotional. Physical body energy is essential as it allows your body to move and work properly; it allows you to have high levels of mental and emotional energy.

However mental and emotional energies can exist without the physical body i.e. spirit, soul etc.

How we as humans use our energy around our dogs is an essential part of Leadership. The basic rules for using your energy is the same as the basic rules of Holistic Healing.

All healing happens within an individual person. People can heal from within themselves.

Where does energy come from? Mother Nature (The Universe) it is all around us, the energy that Mother Nature has given us is all around us and in us all. You don’t need a specialist to run energy test on you, all you need to do is stop taking a few deep breaths and feel it inside you and all around you.

Energy at any level runs through you when you allow it. You don’t have to take or wait to be given it. It is something that you allow to run through you.
So why is your energy so important when it comes to working with your dogs?
Dogs are in touch with Mother Nature they use energy fields like we use mobile phones, it is a communication tool for them.
They can feel the energy around them and respond to it in the appropriate way to bring about the desired result depending on the situation.
Dog use energy, manipulate energy in the same way every other animal on this planet without the power of speech uses energy. Going back before we had the power to speak we did the same thing it was in us then the same way it is in us now. We have just chosen to communicate in a different way this is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.
However, this doesn’t mean we can’t still use this form of communication it just means we as humans at times find it hard not to use speech as it has become our primary form of communicating with each other.
Dogs like any other animal have no concept or understanding of the human language, however, in training we do use words such as Sit, Down and Stand and the dog’s name.
These are trained using links to treat rewards and in some cases hand signals or body language. This is why the dog gets it, not through the power of the word but through the power of the reward.
The energy being used at the time of command will be what your dog will be feeling. If the command is given in and calm but purposed energy your dog will be alert and look to you for the reward once the task has been completed.
If the command is given in a low un-enthusiastic way the dog is unlikely to respond in the same way. The same goes for frustration, angry or nervous energy as all these do not mean anything to your dog and again are unlikely to get a response.
The question is where does your energy come from and how does it affect your dog?
Can an individual with naturally low energy control a dog?
Yes, but the dog would have to be of lower energy itself; you can’t expect a high energy, excitable dog to respond to a low energy human.
The same applies in the world of a cohabitant group. The high energy dogs are not controlled by low energy dogs. They are controlled by the calm, purposed energy given off by the Leader.
The same question can be asked about can a naturally high energy person control a dog. Yes but this type of person would struggle with a lower energy dog and would generally become frustrated.
The problem is when buying a dog we as humans see breed, cuteness, character and size.
The energy never really or rarely comes into it. This I where the problems arise as the energy of the dog will dictate your compatibility.
Having worked with dogs and humans all my life if I have learned anything it is to either match or get above the energy of the individual you are working with.
Learning where your energy comes from, how to use your energy and how to bring in your energy is an essential part of your life with your dog.
Study your dog, mirror your dog, learn from your dog and make sure you match your dog’s Universal energy. This is the only way you will truly become your dog’s Leader.