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What is true balance in dog behaviour

Discovering balance in a dog behaviour

As I go about my business working day by day under the shadow of many other dog behaviourists and trainers.

What I see is what seems balance in a dogs behaviour

Now there are so many variables of why this is happening to our once happy-go-lucky pets.

We could blame circumstances, environment, the past, breed types the list goes on, or we could look at the true cause of this change in dogs.


It comes down to balance, a true balance and the human’s inability to deal with our own stress, anxieties and fears.

We live in such fast paced money driven societies, we are in theory in a serious fight just to survive a situation.

In the animal world true balance comes from calm, leaders are born of calm state of mind.

How can we lead our dogs, teach our dogs or guide our dogs if we come from stressed, anxious or nervous state.

Answer is we can’t and that is the hardest thing for a lot of owners to understand.

I have had the joy of meeting many people during my 121 Consultations.

Working with many dogs and owners that have found themselves in this very position, it is not about the dog behaviour as many behaviourist think it is about finding true balance in the human.

Once this is achieved then and only then can the human truly lead the dog.

This change can be seen in so many of the owners that I have worked with during a 121 Consultation or Residential Rehabilitation.

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Our sessions gave  them the tools and confidence to really open up to achieving more than they ever would have expected.

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