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What is the true value of our Pets

To really answer this you need to break it down into several parts.Looking at the monetary value of pets (breeders and businesses that use animals and the money that we spend on our pets), the mental value (Stimulation) the social value (Interaction with others) and the physical value that pets can have on us as humans.

Some animals are bought specifically for monetary gain. Breeders will buy an animal (dog, cat, horse, fish, rabbits and the list goes on) though these are sometimes their pets and they love them and care for them they also see them as a way to make money. So by breeding them and selling the offspring not only do they keep the breed lines going but also make money from them and a profit. Certain animals are used as tools of the trade for instances the ferret used primarily by some as a pet, but also used by some professional vermin control companies as a means to reduce the rabbit population on farms and charge for that service. Birds of prey are also used in this way, even though wild animals, but classed by their owners as their pets are used for monetary gain. Some dogs like terriers again used by majority of people as pets are also used for that type of job as well. However this monetary value goes the other way as well, it is evident that humans value their pet’s health and well being more than their own. We have as many medical insurers for our pets as we do for humans.

Humans will spend a fortune on their pet with insurance, food, treats, shelter, grooming, leads, toys and exercise/training. If our pet becomes ill we think nothing of taking it to the vets and paying out for treatment. Whatever pet it is small or large it becomes a part of our family. They entrust their welfare upon us, we think about them all the time like kids. We need to feed them, groom them if necessary and make sure they are healthy. This mental stimulation has been medically proven to help with illnesses like stress, mental breakdowns and mental illnesses. Take for instance the PAT dog scheme, this scheme is designed to help old people in homes, kids who have mental illness and also adults with problems to interact and experience the love of a dog. Fish also have a calming effect on us, if you sit and watch them in the tank for half an hour or so and it will relieve stress. It is also scientifically proven that stroking furred animals can lower blood pressure.

Individual animals have different effects on people’s state of mind most provide us with unconditional love and affection; others just provide people with a purpose. A reason to get up in the morning whether it be to walk the dog, feed the cat or clean the hamster out. It helps us to feel needed and responsible. Take the dog and cat these are primarily as companions for the young and the old. This companionship could and sometime does last up to seventeen years, giving us as humans a very strong bond with our pet. People with pets have one thing in common they all love to talk about them. Whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, gerbil or exotic animal they all have stories to tell. This gives away to social interaction with others, either at shows, social gatherings or just in passing. Some people without much of a social circle will sometimes buy a dog so it gets them out and interacting with other dog people or even join dog training clubs were they can get this social interaction for them and their dog. 

People with pedigree dogs like to show and be around people with the same interests. People with exotic pets go to fairs and meetings run by groups of people with an interest in exotic animals. People with cats or rabbits will also sometimes go to shows were they show their pets to others. Horse people spend lots of time at the stables and riding, grooming and caring for their horses, it becomes their social life, and they arearoundpeople that understand their passion.

The physical value of having a pet is obvious when it comes to owning a dog; if we work indoors all day long we look forward to coming home and taking the dog or dogs out for a long walk. It may not be just once a day; depending on our age and physical ability this could be up to half a dozen short walks or one or two long ones. Some people even walk their cats and ferrets. Owning a horse as a pet has it advantages keeps you fit, as they need to be ridden at least once a day, mucked out, groomed and led from stable to field as needed. Riding for the disabled is testament to this; people with physical disability benefit can from riding a horse on a regular basis.  

In this article we have discussed all these different types of values we as humans have for pets, but I can not truly answer this question as everybody is different. Some might see a cat as just a cat others hold them in high regard. Some people love their dogs others think they are a nuisance. Some people love ferrets others think they smell. So you see to put a value on a pet is impossible some valueless and some are priceless depending on who you are talking to.