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What Defines a Well Trained Dog

Are we heading in the right direction when training a dog

With serious increase in unwanted dog behaviour comes the increase in different types of trainers and behaviourists.

However are we heading in the right direction in the techniques employed in dog training. With serious increase in unwanted dog behaviour comes the increase in different types of trainers and behaviourists.

Over the years I have seen so many different trainers and behaviorist come and go. Studied and practiced many modern and now classified outdated theories and techniques.

I have watched how dog training has changed for the better, however we are still seeing an increase in unwanted dog behaviour across the UK.

My question is Why?

The answer being we are not heading in the right direction when it comes to behaviour.We don’t seem to know what really defines a well-trained dog.

With two strains of thought of what defines a well-trained dog and two camps when it comes to behaviour training, we have become confused.

Some new modern dog training systems have become unworkable and completely off track for many owners. They have lost their purpose and just target lower end behavioural issues.

The techniques used will never be able to impact on the higher end behavioural problems many owners have encountered.

As a species we are result driven, if we go to a professional for help we expect results.

And it is that simple because without a result or even a glimpse of change in behaviour we will not be motivated enough to continue.


It’s not Me or the Dog, its Me and the Dog


When I watch a trained dog and a motivated human working side by side it is the most wonderful experience.

When I watch people dancing with their dogs, flyball, agility, clicker or basic obedience training it is amazing.

All these dogs are classified as well-trained dogs in the eyes of their owners and the general public.

None of these activities can make a serious impact on a high-end seriously behavioural challenged dog. And that’s the truth of it and its also where the confusion can start.

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Many of these dogs that participate in these activities have been trained from day one and you can argue that many may have had low-end behavioural issues.

However these activities are not open to all and do not give you and your dog true life experience.

Having said that these can be added as a time goes by and your trust and your confidence builds with your dog.

So what defines a well-trained dog if it is not jumping through hoops, running or walking over set up obstacles or accepting constant food bribes.

You as the owner define what a well-trained dog is, this may sound strange but a dog is only as good as its owners knowledge and ability to help it.

Through the century’s dogs have looked to us and relied on us to create an environment (home) for them to live.

Their World has changed and their species is now one of the most diverse species on the planet.

However their psychology remains the same as it has been for many thousands of years.

This is the key, you don’t need extreme dog training, all you need is a picture in your mind of how you see your relationship with your dog.

Implement calm rules and boundaries that your dog can follow without stress or anxiety. Create a calm assertive world around your dog where they can just act and be a dog.

This is the true direction we should be taking when it comes to dog behaviour.