Understanding Your Dog

Confused about understanding your dog

There is no question that as humans we often misunderstand the needs of our dogs.

By observing our canine companions we will find that they do in fact communicate with us with through subtle, simple silent language.

Dog’s primarily use their body language through posturing and specific behaviours.

Unfortunately this is where our misunderstanding occurs, through us mis-interpreting their movements and reactions.

Articles, books, DVD’s and research papers are plentiful and can be a minefield for any novice or advance guardian wishing to broaden their knowledge.

When we look at Basic Dog Behaviour detaching our human emotional thoughts and learn what the stimulus is that drives our Canine companions.

The Canine social structure is dictated by the balance of the group, whether that be individual dogs or the human.

A singular member of the group will be seen to lead, this members responsibility is to ensure that any unwanted behaviour is corrected and balanced behaviour is rewarded.

Take that role, act like a leader; making sure our dog is going to look to us as we provide direction.

A lack of calm direction from us will manifest behaviours such as aggression, anxiety and insecurity in a dog.

Dogs are capable of reading the human emotion, change in body language and energy.

They will react instinctively to these changes, so if we mis-interpret we may unintentionally confuse and in turn intensify their behaviour.

My advice would be to learn your dog as they are a part of you and your life much like any human.

The biggest thing you should remember is to keep a sense of perspective.

When it comes to your dog’s behaviour all we need to do is open our minds and learn how and what they are saying to us.