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The Power Dog Breeds:

Power Dog Breeds are they really so different

Mastiffs, Bull breeds, Rottweilers, Doberman these are all what we call power dog breeds. But are these breeds really any different from any other breed of dog.

Power dog breeds are seen by humans differently and unfortunately for reasons that hold no foundation.

We see breeds like the Mastiff, Rottweiler, Bull Breeds, & Dobermans as big confident breeds, but when you look past the breed and see the species.

You realise that they are not much different from any other dog breed.

They still have fears and suffer from anxiety, anxiousness and insecurity. With each one of these issues comes the by-product, fight, flight, avoidance or submission.

Canine Psychology is the same whatever breed. Breed is just their uniform and their job, it is what we have made them. Species is what they are and the Canine is the most diverse species on the planet.

It is when these power breeds do start to exhibit behavioural issues, we can then possibly see a difference.

Not in the behaviour though as that is the same whatever the breed, it is the  intensity of the by-product lunging, barking or even aggression that can become difficult to control.

However should we treat them any differently when it comes to behavioural modification?

The answer to that would be No.

As all behaviours have a source, once we get to the source we can work to reduce the triggers which in turn reduce’s the reactions.

We should spend less time thinking about the breed & the associated power they have. Our focus should be on the help required to allow them to be a relaxed dog.

If we spent less time thinking about the breed and power they have.

We would see the dog behind the breed that needs help to become a balanced relaxed animal.