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The Grain Free Foods

The Grain Free Foods

Today, more and more vets are starting to recommend approved foods like the grain free foods. The reason for this is that grain free dog foods contain more protein and animal fats and fewer carbohydrates.

Going back in time for a moment, before dog food came straight out of a bag, our dogs would either hunt for their food or be given protein rich meals by us. Today, other than Raw Feeding, giving our dogs a good quality protein based grain free dog foods is the closest to a natural or “ancestral” diet as we can get.

The introduction of mass-produced dog kibble became popular in the 1940’s. Inexpensive ingredients like corn, wheat and barley were added to create bulk and keep production costs down.

Unfortunately this trend has continued and now most commercial dog foods still list grain like corn or wheat as a main ingredient.

This can be a problem for many dogs.  Albeit they have developed and evolved from the wild ancestry they still have very little natural digestive support to help break down and metabolise these complex carbohydrates and cereal grains.

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These fibres will often remain undigested within the dog’s body as they are relying on a system of fermentation to break them down in the stomach. As this undigested mass builds up it can damage the lining of the digestive system and result in bowel disorders and food allergies. This is why the Grain Free food that are hitting the market today are far safer and healthier.

Don’t get me wrong a high majority of dogs are perfectly happy and healthy on standard off the shelf mass-produced foods. However many digestive problems and also some behavioural issues can be put down to what we feed our dogs.

It is strongly recommended that you do your research when choosing any dog food. All about dog food is a useful site if you are considering trying the grain free foods.  However remember, what suits one dog may not suit another. Feeds with meat or fish meal rather than actual meat or fish are lower grade feeds, as are feeds that are bulked out with grains. Human grade ingredients are always better. Try to avoid feeds with too many additives. Natural is good. If your dog is suffering from loose stools or is having problems passing stools, if there is hair loss, itching or sore skin or there is a lack of interest in eating do not ignore these signs.  Always consult your Vet for advice if such symptoms continue.