chocolate labrador

Understanding Your Dog

Confused about understanding your dog There is no question that as humans we often misunderstand the needs of our dogs. By observing our canine companions we will find that they do in fact communicate with us with through subtle, simple silent language. Dog's primarily use their body language

dog running

Over Excitement

There are many causes of over-excitement. Your dog seeing prey-like bunnies, squirrels, birds can cause an excited response. Just being off-lead can excite for some dogs, listening to noises and sniffing the smells. Dogs rely on their senses for survival so with high sensory ability they

dog laying down


Separation anxiety - how has it affected your dog Research suggests that canine separation anxiety is one of the most common behaviour problems that many dog owners experience. A recent study, which was conducted in the United Kingdom, indicated that as much as 50 percent of dogs