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Canine Coaching were the first to introduce a social dog walk as a regular event in and around the Northamptonshire area. The aim was and still is to socialise dogs in a positive manner whilst assisting owners with any training or behavioural challenges that their dog presents.

Exercise and socialisation is important for any dog but particularly for those that have not previously been given the opportunity to interact with their own kind. One of the most common behaviours worked with is reactivity towards other dogs. Many dedicated owners will engage the services of a good behaviourist; other dogs do not receive corrective training and can find themselves in rescue when the owners are no longer able to cope.

A canine social walk is an excellent way to socialise your dog and meet like minded people. Paul Daly, a trainer and behaviourist of 20+ years, is on hand throughout the walk to balance the group and guide you with your dog’s behaviour.

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Recently we organised a walk for a local rescue organisation and encouraged them to bring the kennel dogs along to give them a morning out. Members of the public that were looking for a rescue dog to complete their family unit were invited to join the walk and meet the dogs.

Feedback from the event was what a wonderful way to meet the dogs, and to see how they are around other animals and people. We understand that one family that attended are in the process of adopting one of the rescue dogs. This got Paul thinking. Why not open the walk to all rescues to bring dogs in their care along to help find them a home? This thought then led to the Paws on Parade idea.

With immediate effect our larger canine social walks will be known as Canine Social Walk and Paws on Parade. The walks are open to everyone, be they dog owners who simply wish to socialise their dogs, people considering adopting a dog and to rescue dogs that are in need of a home. All rescue organisations are welcome to showcase their dogs at this event. Think of it as a meet and greet opportunity without the stresses of a kennel environment.

To join the walk there is a fee of £5 per dog or human that is looking to find their new canine friend (note there is no charge for children aged up to 16 years). The fee will give you access to training and behavioural advice throughout the walk, from Paul Daly of Canine Coaching. It will also give you access to the rescue dogs and rescue representatives.

2020 Social Dog Walks

Join our growing community

Rescues that register to attend the walk with dogs that are looking for homes, will receive a place for the dog or dogs free of charge. To reserve these free places please email with your rescue name and number of dogs attending. For the convenience of anyone interested in adopting a dog we would request that rescue representatives are easily identifiable as the rescue and that dogs available for adoption are too. For example they wear an Adopt Me lead or bandana etc.

For dog owners simply wanting to socialise their dogs or members of the public looking to find a new canine companion, there is no requirement to book in advance please just turn up on the day.

The walks are all on lead and last approximately 1.5 hours. We do take breaks during the walk to re-group. Paul and his team are on hand to ensure that the walk runs smoothly.

The primary aim of these walks is to maintain good canine social skills and to find rescue dogs a forever home. It is also a morning out in beautiful surroundings for you and your dog. Guidance is there in the form of behavioural advice should you wish to speak with Paul Daly. If we can find just one dog a home it will make this all worthwhile. When a dog goes to their new home it frees up a space for another dog to start their journey to a new future. Please join and help be a part of that journey. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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