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At Canine Coaching we are always looking to change and evolve our puppy classes. We are constantly looking to help you create the right relationship from the start. With our advice & guidance you will have the tools to build a balanced home for your family & dog.

We are very excited about welcoming you to our puppy classes, held at Scooby’s Doggy Day Care. As this facility offers you the chance to work and watch your dog develop through interaction and activity based play under the guidance of myself, Paul Daly Behaviourist, and team.

We will also have access for those puppies that love the outdoors, to 3000 square feet of secure outside area. We believe that this will improve the overall experience that is Puppy Play Day for both owners and Dogs.

With the diversity of the all weather facility it means that you need never miss another Puppy Play Day date ever again.

If you would like to discuss your concerns with us in order to identify the most suitable service for your situation then please do not hesitate in contacting us today.

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Puppy Play Days are held every fortnight on a Sunday morning

Training Sessions start 10am & finish at 12:00.

We accept puppies from 2nd vaccine and onwards.

Classes are held indoors at;
Scooby’s Doggy Day Care
7 Rothersthorpe Avenue, Rothersthorpe Road Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN4 8JH

Advance Booking

Our training sessions are friendly and informal.

Classes are run to suit beginner & advance

We cater for dogs of all ages

With our  help, your dog will become more socialised, outgoing and well-behaved.

Our Training is recommended by the Northamptonshire Vets.

We encourage you to visit & watch our training

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