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Presenting Dog Energy

Understand and Control Dog Energy

The first thing I am always presented with and the hardest thing owners find to do. Is understanding and controlling their dog energy.

Dogs like any other living organism on this planet have a presenting energy. We used to know how to read it not just in dogs but in our own species as well.

Have we forgotten or have we just become so arrogant that we believe we don’t need to understand this form of communication any more?


We have also become arrogant to the fact we still have this energy force around us and it is so important to understand and use as part of our own communication skills with others.

Australian blue

Dogs are still primal, we may have domesticated them but we have never de-animalised them completely. They truly embrace energy as it is what drives them, it is what  they are and how other dog see them.

I understand Where  your energy come’s from and how  it affect your Dog. If we could all take the time to tune into our dogs, then our bond would be stronger

Bonding is a massive part of dog culture, but they don’t introduce themselves as name. They introduce as energy, “This is me and this is my presenting energy”.

If dogs introduce themselves as species and natural energy why does the human feel they have to introduce themselves as something different.

We are all the same and we all have the ability to present an energy.

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