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My dog is afraid of men!! Solutions!

Guest Post By MD Abu Selimof

Does your dog always bark when men walk by?

Are they afraid when a man moves toward them?

Being afraid of men is a common problem in dogs. Notably, many dog owners commonly report that “My dog is afraid of men.”

So what possible solutions are there to help these dogs? The good news is there are ways to cure the dog’s fear.

Here’s some advice according to Dog Health Care experts:

What to do to cure the dog’s fear?

1 – First of all, you need to identify the real cause of why your dog is afraid of men. Many dogs fear men with hats, beards, or men in uniform. Some are afraid of men with deep voices or  certain heights. Once you noticed similarities in what your dog is fearing with men or men’s characters, it is time to start the rehabilitation.

2 – The most effective way to mitigate the dog’s fear is by disclosure to the scary thing & plenty of positive augmentation. To do that you can make a list of your friend with uniforms, hats, and beards. Encourage your dog to become familiar with these items and feel more comfortable around them.

3 – Train your dog and make her attentive to you by teaching commands such as, “look at me” or “follow me”.

4 – Finally, check your response with men. Your dog pays close attention to how you respond to strange men like a policeman, delivery men or your former boss, and will pick up on any fearful or uncomfortable emotions.

Is your dog afraid of men? Have you tried the solutions that I mentioned above to cure your dog’s fear? If yes, please share your experiences with us friends & family.