How not to fall foul of the puppy farms

Would you knowingly buy from puppy farms?

Author: Paul; Daly

Puppy Farms are highlighted more during the Christmas period than any other time. This criminal activity is disgustingly always churning and worried owners have another issue to consider before purchase.
One thing is certain that taking on any dog with issues not just a puppy may result in you having to seek behavioural advice.

Drawing on my years as a Dog Behaviourist and working with hundreds of Puppies through the Dog classes and 121 home visits, my belief is if we start right the desired behaviours will be lasting.

What we have to remember is that those first interactions and early socialisation periods are the most important. When we take on a puppy we expect them to be able to adapt and adjust easily to the changes and routines that a new environment presents them with.

Unfortunately this does not always happen.  Due to the increased number of puppies being bred through what we call Puppy farms and inexperienced breeders, in today’s society we are seeing evidence of more behavioural and health issues.  The one and only interest of these so called breeders is money and profit.

There is no thought about giving the puppy a good start to life and generally these puppies have a fairly bad start to life.

Puppies that are born from this background are taken from their mothers far too early; they are not exposed to many of the normal day to day activities that they need to experience to become well adjusted.


Even the simplest things like placing a lead on and taking them for a walk could be impossible, play time could be something they have never experienced, grooming or even petting could cause an anxious or fearful reaction from them.

One thing is certain that taking on any dog with issues not just a puppy may result in you having to seek behavioural advice and this will come with a financial and emotional cost.

It’s not all bad news as there are registered and reputable breeders that are willing to help you. But you do need to stop and think first and do your research on the breed and breed line before making a shortlist of breeders that may be suitable to purchase your new puppy from.

If and when you decide that your lifestyle will suit a new addition to the household, make sure that you are prepared to make a lifetime commitment.  Dogs show loyalty in abundance, it is our responsibility to do the same.

Please remember not all puppy farms and back street breeders run squalid and dirty establishments. Perfectly presentable appearing persons and properties can be equally unscrupulous.  This is where many people are caught out thinking they are doing the right thing.
Make sure you see Mum and preferably Dad as well, ask lots of questions and ask for evidence, particularly around health checks that have been carried out.  Make sure you visit at least twice before you pick up and pay for your puppy.

Puppy farming as we call it is a money making business and sadly even if you are caught out and knowingly buy the puppy to “save it” you are fuelling this cruel and unscrupulous business.
My advice would be to walk away and immediately report your concerns to your local police, local authority or RSPCA.