two labrador laying down

Grass Seeds and Dogs

The dreaded grass seeds

Running around can be great fun for your dogs, however during the summer months it can cause serious pain and misery for your dog.

Why because of the dreaded grass seed, these can lodge in the dog’s skin on all parts of the body, which in turn causes painful problems such as abscesses and infections. Most commonly, the grass seeds will become infected forming an abscess under the skin, which may appear as a lump. Grass seeds commonly lodge in areas such as the feet, under the tail, between the toes, in the ears, eyes and genital areas. Dogs that have long shaggy coats, grass seeds can lodge anywhere on the body.

When a grass seed is lodged beneath the dog’s skin your dog is most likely lick or bite the area and most often than not break the skin which will lead to infection. Once your dog has a grass seed lodged under the skin it is important that you take it to your vet to get the seed removed before is causes further infection.

Over the summer months, to prevent grass seeds becoming lodged in your dog’s skin, groom your dog at least every few days in order to remove any seeds that may be stuck in its coat. This is particularly important for long-coated breeds like Springers, Cockers, GSD ect.

Make sure you check between your dog’s toes for grass seeds. A quick check at the end of the walk may prevent a painful abscess and an expensive vet bill. If your dog is prone to grass seed problems like mine it may be worth clipping all the fur off their feet during the summer months.

Dealing with and preventing grass seeds from lodging in your dog’s coat and skin will reduce pain for your animal and the inconvenience (and cost) of frequent visits to the vet.

If you are unsure about how to deal with grass seeds contact your vets and ask their advise.