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Hunt & Retrieve for Fun Workshop

Canine Coaching hosts a variety of seminars and workshops on dog related subjects every year. These include practical handling workshops in various subjects including prey drive, lead walking, recall, basic handling and reactive dogs. We also present a range of core seminars on dog related subjects such as Body Language, Why Dogs Bite and Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning. Each seminar or workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to know more about canine behaviour or training. See below for upcoming seminars and workshops.

Practical Handling

Prey Drive

Gundog Training

Reliable Lead Walking

Recall Training

Basic Introductions and Interaction

This is for anyone currently working with dogs in rescue, grooming, veterinary, dog walking/boarding or just if you own a dog and want to improve your understanding of how dog work and communicate.
This practical handling course is designed for people looking to gain more experience in handling and reading dog body language.

The dog’s life revolves around a series of instinctive behaviours; prey drive is the one of the most powerful.

All carnivores have an inbuilt ability and need to pursue and capture prey whether they are wild or domestic. In training, prey drive can be used as an advantage because dogs with high prey drive are also willing to pursue moving objects such as toys, which can then be used to encourage certain kinds of behaviour.

The techniques used for training a dog depends very much on the type of work the dog is expected to perform.

Retrievers like the Labrador and working Golden Retrievers are generally known as the pickers up dog and are used to hunt and retrieve game that has been shot. A retriever should be trained to perform a set of particular tasks including;
Remain under control and remain sitting calmly and quietly until sent to retrieve. Watch and mark a falling bird or multiple birds. With the command Mark the dog should look and follow the bird and remember where it has dropped.

Do you unintentionally feed the behaviour – dogs coming, quick he’s going to react badly, I better tighten his lead and let him sense that I have no confidence in him and that this is going to go very badly?

Do you turn and run to find the farthest place away from any other dogs? What are all these behaviours teaching your dog? Have you addressed and worked on your dog’s reaction away from this intense walking scenario or do you keep walking into it daily and reinforcing your dog’s behaviour?

In an ideal world, when the dog hears the words come!” he or she should stop what he is doing and run back toward you.

Unfortunately, not many dogs think the command to come is an exciting enough for them to come away from playing with other dogs or exploring. They may have perfect recall as a puppy but three months down the line this frustrating and dangerous behavior start to rear its head. In order to figure out why this behavior is so common, we need to consider what “come” means to the dog.

Some dogs don’t get out and mix with other dogs that much and may have only had one or two doggy friends in their lives. So this practical course is designed for people looking to gain more of an understanding on how to successfully introduce their dogs and how to build confidence and the ability to interact with other dogs.

Group interaction is essential to all these workshops, giving each other the confidence to control any situation

All our workshops are open to any dog with or without behavioural issues. Each workshop is unique in in the way that we look at how you personally, as the handler, interpret and control situations. We then make observations and suggestions based on your individual needs or situation.

We also offer a range of seminars suitable for anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of canine behaviour.


Group interaction is essential to all these workshops, giving each other the confidence to control any situation

Next Workshops
Hunt & Retrieve for Fun Workshop
23rd February 2019
10:00 to 12:30
Cogenhoe and Whiston Village Hall, York Avenue, NN7 1NB Cogenhoe

In this unique Workshop, I am going to be teaching you and your pet dog the techniques used for training hunt and retrieve in working gundogs.

This type hunt and retrieve is generally associated with type gundog breeds like the Labrador, Spaniels and Pointers. However, all breeds can retriever and all have the ability to work the hunt and retrieve game


Your dog can be any breed but must be over 12 months old.
Your dog must be 100% safe and good with other dogs.
Your dog must be happy to off lead and have a fair recall in an open field environment.
Your dog must not be possessive of toys around other dogs.

The aim;

Anyone can walk across the park and throw a ball for their dog, but truly your dog also wants to hunt. This is in its genetics whatever your dogs breed it is instinct.

The aim of this workshop is to have fun.

Within the environment to be able to teach you how to get your dog to remain under control and remain sitting calmly and quietly until sent to retrieve.

Watch and mark falling toys or gundog dummies.

Teach easy open ground retrieves and harder blind retrieves.

Teach you how to direct your dog while it is hunting through voice or whistle.

Teach your dog the command “Mark” which means look and follow the toy or dummy and remember where it has dropped.

To join this workshop you will need to reserve your place and submit a fee of £25 per dog. Booking will be on a first come first served basis.

To reserve and pay for your place go to the Tickets link. This is a secure payment and a confirmation will be sent.

We will be meeting by side of the Village Hall. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start. Please make sure you bring a toy, ball and water for your dogs. Depending on the weather please dress sensible and ready to walk and work.

To pay and reserve your space go to and quote Hunt & Retrieve

Why Dogs Bite

Fact, Prevention and Managment Seminar

2018 Dates TBC

Make no mistake a dog can inflict serious and potentially fatal injuries upon you; and with aggressive behaviours comes one of the biggest challenges any owner or guardian can face.

Paul Daly will show you the facts about dog bites upon humans, how to prevent these instinctive behaviours and how to set up a safe management plan for dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviours.