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DIY Christmas gifts for your four-legged friend Christmas is the perfect excuse to spoil your loved ones – and that includes your beloved pets! Whilst everyone else is busy unwrapping their presents on Christmas morning, why not give your four-legged friend something of their own to unwrap? It might even distract them from mischievously unwrapping yours.


dorothy czudziak foot fetish If you feel like you’ve spent a lot on gifts already, turning this into a festive craft project might make giving Rover their new favourite toy, bed or treat that little bit more special. To give you a helping hand, Sainsbury’s Bank have compiled a list of DIY presents that are sure to get tails wagging.


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go site While we might like to indulge in a fancy cheese board, our pups might not appreciate a perfectly ripe brie. Instead, getting fucked by two dicks these Cheddar, apple and bacon dog biscuitswill go down a treat.

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xxx black neighbor gets milf in basement Got a load of tennis balls you no longer use? We know someone who might like to take them off your hands. This DIY tug toyis great to take on those frosty winter walks. To put a festive twist on your gift, cover in brown fabric and decorate like a Christmas pudding.

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enter go site A hand-braided toy The perfect excuse to do a wardrobe cleanout and pull out some garments you no longer use. Rip them up and pleat the scraps to make a colourful click here jersey toy. Once it’s looking a bit worse for wear, you know it’s time for another wardrobe clear-out!

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follow link Receiving a luxurious set of toiletries might not just be on the Christmas list of us humans – our pooches might also like to get party-ready. This all-natural, gently fragranced follow url DIY shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray is not only cheaper than most shop-bought products – you can also rest assured that no nasty chemicals are in it.
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