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Creative Canine Fitness



The sport of cross-country running with your dog.

Dog Diving

Involves dogs diving from a ramp into a pool of water to retrieve a toy.

Furthest dive wins.



Uses one, two or three dogs to pull a cross-country skier down a trails or along racing courses.

*Should only be performed with the correct equipment for this sport.


A high-speed race involving two teams of four dogs springing over a series of jumps to activate a catapult, which releases a ball for them to catch and bring back to their owner.


Utilises dog power to pull cyclists cross country or during rallies and events.

*Should only be performed with the correct equipment for this sport.

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Competitive sport that involves dogs herding and driving large balls into a football goal.

Disc Dog

Dog and owner compete in more extreme versions fo fetch.

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dog paddling
Doggy paddle


Provides a great deal of exercise, while offering relief from the summer heat!

Canine Freestyle

A mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance that allows for creative interaction between dogs and their owners.


A sport in which a dog moves through a obstacle of their handler.

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  • Provide your dog with regular excercise and allow it to play with people and people and other friendly dogs.
  • Exercise your dog daily unless your vet recommends otherwise.
  • If you are unsure about how much exercise your dog needs, seek advice from your vet or another qualified dog care specialist.

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Indoor exercises for dogs

  • Play tug of war (but beware of the risks!).
  • Run your pooch up and down the stairs.
  • Set up an obstacle course.

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cartoon of a dog
Dog walking tips

  • Supervise your dog around young children.
  • Take a plastic bag or scoop to clean up your dog’s mess.
  • Always keep your dog in sight and under control.
  • Never let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals.

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  • Helps prevent destructive behaviours.
  • Builds trust.
  • Helps with weight control.
  • Limits unruliness.
  • Socialises your dog.
  • Keeps you healthy too!
  • Limits attention-seeking behaviours.

Behaviour therapy

Canine behaviour therapy attempts to change a dog’s behaviour using tried and tested psychological principles for the benefit of both the dog and the owner.

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