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dog laying down

My dog is afraid of men!! Solutions!

Guest Post By MD Abu Selim of 

Does your dog always bark when men walk by?

Are they afraid when a man moves toward them?

Being afraid of men is a common problem in dogs. Notably, many dog owners commonly report that “My dog is afraid of men.”

So what possible solutions are there to help these dogs? The good news is there are ways to cure the dog’s fear.READ MORE

dog laying down

Do the same thing

We need to change to progress

There is an old saying which goes “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result”.

Well I do not believe this to be true, in my eyes it is knowing that by doing the same thing repeatedly brings the same result is insanity. However, so many people are stuck in this ridiculous cycle.READ MORE

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The Clicker

The Clicker is a worthwhile tool

I am asked on a daily basis what type of trainer am I. My instinctive reply is positive training but then when I think about most people now associate positive training with the clicker treat system.READ MORE