face with a clock on it

The Time Factor

Understand it is about Time

Time is not an object or substance we can touch or see. But neither is it merely a dimension, quantity or a concept

What is the definition of time?


dog in car

Travel Anxiety

Car Phobia’s and Fears in Dogs

Do you dread the days you must take your dog in the car; does he make a run for it when he sees the keys? Or is he just a poor traveller but braves the stress of the road?READ MORE

black labrador

Creating a calm dog

Do you have an excited or a calm dog

Sometimes when working on a 121-behavioural consultation, the owner will try to justify the overexcited barking and leaping about as the dog just being excited.

What I see however, is so far removed from a calm dog it has become unbalanced unhealthy within its own mind.READ MORE


The Adolescent Dog

Stages that occur in adolescent dogs

This is a very difficult time for your dog, however with continuous training and establishing a good foundation through true understanding, both of you will build a solid relationship.


dog barking

How to stop your dog barking

Preventing dog barking within the home environment

Inappropriate dog barking is one of the most common issues for dog owners, often stemming from anxiety  when your dog does not like being left alone within the home environment.READ MORE

boxer dog

Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning in Dogs

The Key Factor to Successful Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning

Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning are two of the most successful techniques used to change unwanted behaviour in dogs and there are many methods in which to achieve this. READ MORE

bulldog holding a ball

Obsession v.s Focus

When obsession over takes the focus

When obsession over takes the focus then we have taken away the dogs natural awareness of the world around them. Many of us are totally unaware of the difference between obsession and focus as both states of mind are acted out in a similar manner by your dogs.READ MORE