Being a positive dog trainer

Positive dog trainer is all about energy

Being a positive dog trainer is not about just using positive reinforcement and only  food and toy reward based training to create desired behaviours.

It should be about using a constant positive mental attitude and energy around a dog they can relate to and follow.

Any true positive dog trainer understands that dogs surround themselves with energy, its their primary means to communicate correctly. Working with dog behaviour it is not about positive reinforcement, it’s about positive energy.

Anyone can turn around to you and say, “I only use positive training”. But are they truly creating a positive relationship for you and your dog or are they just obsessed with using what they call positive methods.

Yes is probably the answer to that question, it is not about the tools we use it takes a positive mental attitude and energy to create true positive reinforcement in our dogs.

Tools like the clicker do not create balance, calm or decrease fears and anxieties it a tool to mark the desired behaviour. When the desired behaviour is achieved it is the positive energy presented by you that reinforces not the tool.

When it comes to dogs, your energy is so important to them. What you do for a living, how much money you earn and where you live means absolutely nothing to them.

It is who you are as an energy that really counts> Everything you do, buy or offer to your dog is irrelevant if you do not have the energy and attitude that makes them want to listen and follow.

Now that’s the key to a successful long-lasting positively reinforced relationship between the human and the canine species. This is the largest inter species relationship the World has ever seen or is likely to see and Human and Canine have been working together for an estimated 25’000 years.