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French bull dog

Levels Of Aggression

Measuring the levels of aggression in dogs

From barking and biting to chewing and lunging, aggression in dogs is expressed through a variety of behaviours. Although unpleasant to see these levels of aggression in dogs it is a natural behaviour of group animals, used to develop both the hierarchy and pecking order of the group, as well as to provide self-defence in times of threat or danger.READ MORE

puppy laying down

Toilet Training

The A to Z to toilet training puppies

House training is a stage which must be worked through with every new puppy. Some pick the idea up very quickly; others seem to take a while to catch on. If your pup is one of the slower ones, take heart they all get there in the end!READ MORE


The Ultimate Working Dog

The roles of a working Terrier

In my eyes the terrier is the most charismatic and boldest type of dog in the world today. Their origin is from genetic throw back in that I mean they were born of the same as any other dog but just smaller.


Euthanasia of Dogs in UK

Are we using Euthanasia to control our dog problems

According to research, around 7,000 dogs are euthanised every year in the UK (and over 10,000 in Ireland).READ MORE

The Working Cocker

The history of the working Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel breed, like many others with origins as Gun dogs, has some genetic lines that focus on working skills and other lines that focus on ensuring that the dog’s appearance conforms to a breed standard set out; these are referred to as the “working” or “conformation” strains, respectively.READ MORE

dog chasing its tail

OCD in Dogs

Managing OCD in dogs

OCD in dogs, does it exist or is it an excuse for an untrained dog. READ MORE

dog and family

Why is our bond with dogs so strong

What is the bond with our dogs

Over the last 12,000-14,000 years the human our bond with dogs has been second to none. We have not bonded in the same way to any other species of animal in quite the same way. READ MORE

dog in a field

Dominance Theory is it flawed or just misunderstood

Were the studies into the dominance theory focused on the wrong data

The early wolf studies were not flawed they were misunderstood; the wolves were held in captivity and not in studied in their natural habitats this is a fact. The wolves had been captured from different wolf packs, creating a volatile and unnatural pack structure.READ MORE

puppy and mummy

Canine Communication

Harnessing canine communication to maintain effective Social relationship

Dogs have three main methods of communication: Auditory, Visual and Olfactory.


a red setter dog

Canine Body Language

The key to interpreting Canine Body Language

Canine body language is similar to Canine Communication, dogs use communication to convey different emotions of happy, sad, nervous, fearful and angry using their faces and bodies.


dog by its food bowl

Healthy Weight for a dogs Life

What is the ideal weigh for a dog & how do we maintain it

Track your dog’s weight

Losing weight can propel your dog toward better health, but only if the weight is lost in a healthy, controlled manner.