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frenchie sat on bed

The Flea

The flea poses a significant risk to your dog

As we head into the Summer Flea starts to pose a significant risk to dogs and their humans.READ MORE

dog running

Over Excitement

There are many causes of over-excitement.

Your dog seeing prey-like bunnies, squirrels, birds can cause an excited response. Just being off-lead can excite for some dogs, listening to noises and sniffing the smells. READ MORE

white gsd

The Triggers to dog over excitement

Dog over excitement could land you in hot water

Dog over excitement can be a response to seeing rabbits, squirrels, birds whilst out on a walk. Just being off lead can create excitement for some dogs, listening to noises and sniffing the smells. Dogs rely on their senses for survival so with high sensory ability they can have little impulse control.READ MORE

dog laying down

Pause & Process Dog Training Method

Pause & Process dog training method is fundamentally the skill of Learning.

When working with a dog with behavioural problems you have to think about the stress levels it is experiencing at all times.READ MORE

paul daly

Become a True Leader

Become a true leader that your dog wants & needs

I believe the only way to truly change or train a dogs behaviour is to work with its natural instinct. If you try to go against its instincts the dog will automatically shut down and not respond to your training.READ MORE

canine coaching social dog walk

Total Recall

Achieving the perfect dog recall

In an ideal world, when the dog hears the words come!” he or she should stop what he is doing and run back toward you.READ MORE

springer dog

Prey Drive

Prey Drive is a dogs instinctive behaviour

The dog’s life revolves around a series of instinctive behaviours; prey drive is the one of the most powerful.

All carnivores have an inbuilt ability and need to pursue and capture prey whether they are wild or domestic.READ MORE

blog poster

Summer Sun, Fun, and Safety!

Heat stroke advice for your pets

When it comes to the summer time heat and sunshine, make sure to follow some safety tips so your pet can join in the fun.READ MORE

akita dog

75 Top Banned Or Restricted Dog Breeds

Which banned dog breeds do think made it to the list?

This article is not designed to scare you but just to inform you that the listed below dog breeds are banned somewhere in the world.READ MORE

beagle laying down

Kennel Cough

Spotting the signs of kennel cough

Kennel cough is an upper respiratory infection that affects your dog. It is caused by a combination of the canine Para influenza and the bacteria Bordetella Bronchiseptia.READ MORE

blog poster

Why Dogs Bite

Dog bite – Act of aggression or reaction

A dog bite is simply a reaction from your dog to a particular situation or moment, if your dog bites you, another human or even another dog it will be the most difficult challenge you will ever face.
This is hard because all of us are emotional creatures. We bring dogs into our lives because they share so many feelings with us. But when it goes wrong, it can go horribly wrong.


dog in cage

The mind of the Rescue Dog

So you want to open your heart and home to a Canine Companion?

Well stop for a moment before you rush down to you local Dog Rescue to look for a new best friend or contact a breeder to ask about a Puppy.READ MORE

springer spaniels

Rage Syndrome

What are the affects of Rage Syndrome in Dogs

Rage Syndrome, also known as Sudden Onset Aggression is a serious behavioural problem that has been reported most commonly in the Cocker Spaniel but can also be in a variety of other dog breeds.READ MORE

german sherpherd dog

It’s not Me or the Dog, its Me and the Dog

Have you got to a singular thought of me or the dog

Many think that being a Behaviourist is about working solely with a dog’s behaviour, they think by just changing a dog’s behaviour then that’s the job done.READ MORE

blog poster

The Canine Social Structure

Defining the Pack Structure

The basic unit of canine social structure is the pack, it is something that is not easy to study in a domestic situation. However, we can look at what we do know about dogs and wild dogs to understand how stable packs are maintained.


beagle dog

Do you know the Law

Do you understand the Dangerous Dogs Act?

Like 90% of the people I talk to, you would probably say yes, however there is no defined understanding of the Law as it stands to date. The other 10% just freely admit they do not know the Law.READ MORE

dog snarling

Dangerous Dogs

Dangerous dogs and the people who fail to control them face a new clampdown in order to protect the public

Defra Minister of State Jim Paice revealed today. Approximately 210,000 people a year are attacked by dogs in England alone, including 4,000 postal workers trying to deliver mail.


dog be walked

The Retractable Lead!

We don’t always think ahead to the possible negative incidences

Many dog owners delight in the idea of a retractable leash, believing it gives their dog their freedom to roam and run while still connected with their owner.READ MORE

dog be walked

How to walk a Dog on the Lead

10 Steps to help you walk a dog on a lead

To help you decide, read these tips on how to walk a dog on a lead, stay in control, and confirm you have the right tools for the ideal walk:READ MORE

blog poster

Positive or Positive Reinforcement Training

What is positive reinforcement training?

This can include teaching your dog to respond to certain commands, or helping your dog learn coping skills to certain environments. Dog training is called classical conditioning designed by the human get a dog performing a desired behavior or skill. READ MORE

black Labrador

What is the true value of our Pets

To really answer this you need to break it down into several parts.Looking at the monetary value of pets (breeders and businesses that use animals and the money that we spend on our pets), the mental value (Stimulation) the social value (Interaction with others) and the physical value that pets can have on us as humans.READ MORE

dog playing in the park

Playing with your Dog

Setting the right challenges when playing with your dog

Playing with your dog is an important part of their training. Every time you interact with your dog you are using a form of training.READ MORE

dog playing in the park with owners

Exercise the most important part of your dogs Life

The perfect exercise for your dog

Engaging in physical exercise triggers a chain of chemical reactions in the body and brain that promote a feeling of calm. The mechanism works in essentially the same way in both dogs and people.READ MORE

vet examining a dog

Your New Puppy and your Vet

How your Vets can help you and your new puppy

When your new puppy arrives at your home we recommend you allow a few days for them to adjust to their new surroundings before bringing them to the surgery. All puppies require an initial course of two vaccinations these can be started on your first visit to us.READ MORE

french bull dog

Levels Of Aggression

Measuring the levels of aggression in dogs

From barking and biting to chewing and lunging, aggression in dogs is expressed through a variety of behaviours. Although unpleasant to see these levels of aggression in dogs it is a natural behaviour of group animals, used to develop both the hierarchy and pecking order of the group, as well as to provide self-defence in times of threat or danger.READ MORE

a puppy with toilet roll in its mouth

Toilet Training

The A to Z to toilet training puppies

House training is a stage which must be worked through with every new puppy. Some pick the idea up very quickly; others seem to take a while to catch on. If your pup is one of the slower ones, take heart they all get there in the end!READ MORE

terrier dog

The Ultimate Working Dog

The roles of a working Terrier

In my eyes the terrier is the most charismatic and boldest type of dog in the world today. Their origin is from genetic throw back in that I mean they were born of the same as any other dog but just smaller.


dog laying down

Euthanasia of Dogs in UK

Are we using Euthanasia to control our dog problems

According to research, around 7,000 dogs are euthanised every year in the UK (and over 10,000 in Ireland).READ MORE

cocker spaniel

The Working Cocker

The history of the working Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel breed, like many others with origins as Gun dogs, has some genetic lines that focus on working skills and other lines that focus on ensuring that the dog’s appearance conforms to a breed standard set out; these are referred to as the “working” or “conformation” strains, respectively.READ MORE

OCD in Dogs

Managing OCD in dogs

OCD in dogs, does it exist or is it an excuse for an untrained dog. READ MORE

a hand

Where does your energy come from and how does it affect your Dog


Human energy has many levels and these levels must all be in balance to work in harmony to create optimum health. Your energy fields (levels) build upon each other.

You have three main energy fields physical, mental and emotional. Physical body energy is essential as it allows your body to move and work properly; it allows you to have high levels of mental and emotional energy.READ MORE

dog with owners

Why is our bond with dogs so strong

What is the bond with our dogs

Over the last 12,000-14,000 years the human our bond with dogs has been second to none. We have not bonded in the same way to any other species of animal in quite the same way. READ MORE

dog playing in the park

Dominance Theory is it flawed or just misunderstood

Were the studies into the dominance theory focused on the wrong data

The early wolf studies were not flawed they were misunderstood; the wolves were held in captivity and not in studied in their natural habitats this is a fact. The wolves had been captured from different wolf packs, creating a volatile and unnatural pack structure.READ MORE

puppy & adult dog

Canine Communication

Harnessing canine communication to maintain effective Social relationship

Dogs have three main methods of communication: Auditory, Visual and Olfactory.


red setter

Canine Body Language

The key to interpreting Canine Body Language

Canine body language is similar to Canine Communication, dogs use communication to convey different emotions of happy, sad, nervous, fearful and angry using their faces and bodies.


dog begging for food

Healthy Weight for a dogs Life

What is the ideal weigh for a dog & how do we maintain it

Track your dog’s weight

Losing weight can propel your dog toward better health, but only if the weight is lost in a healthy, controlled manner.


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