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two labradors laying down

Grass Seeds and Dogs

The dreaded grass seeds Running around can be great fun for your dogs, however during the summer months it can cause serious pain and misery for your dog. Why because of the dreaded grass seed, these can lodge in the dog’s skin on all parts of the

boxer dog

Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning in Dogs

The Key Factor to Successful Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning are two of the most successful techniques used to change unwanted behaviour in dogs and there are many methods in which to achieve this. However there is a key factor that is often

two dogs walking side by side

Being a positive dog trainer

Positive dog trainer is all about energy Being a positive dog trainer is not about just using positive reinforcement and only  food and toy reward based training to create desired behaviours. It should be about using a constant positive mental attitude and energy around a dog they can relate to

image of multiple dogs

Top Ten Dog Breeds

Top Ten Dog Breeds Found In UK Homes Are you considering buying a dog as a family pet? Want to know what the top ten dog breeds are in the UK right now! To be fair the most popularly owned and bred dogs in the UK today

couple walking a dog

Important factors of Dog Ownership

What are the important factors of dog ownership we should consider? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a dog. Taking on a dog is a serious and lifetime commitment and if you have not considered these factors then you are not ready

bulldog holding a ball

Obsession v.s Focus

When obsession over takes the focus When obsession over takes the focus then we have taken away the dogs natural awareness of the world around them. Many of us are totally unaware of the difference between obsession and focus as both states of mind are acted out

british bull dog holding a ball

Canine Psychology

Basic Understanding Of Canine Psychology Every species including the human species has its own psychology. When we think about Canine psychology we think of it as the study of the mind. However like human psychology it is what affects the mind of the dog that gives you


3 Steps to the Perfect Dog Recall

How do you achieve the perfect dog recall There are many techniques used when it comes to dog recall training, some good some bad but whatever the technique you try it can mean nothing if your dog is not focused on you. Yesterday we saw Havoc, who

Charlies Darwin

Darwins Dogs

Charles Darwin the voyager Charles Darwin, was an English naturalist and geologist. He is best known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory. His established theory that all species of life descended over time from common ancestors has play a massive part of how see and

chocolate labrador

Understanding Your Dog

Confused about understanding your dog There is no question that as humans we often misunderstand the needs of our dogs. By observing our canine companions we will find that they do in fact communicate with us with through subtle, simple silent language. Dog's primarily use their body language

puppy stealing a sandwich

Christmas food Dangers

Do you know the common Christmas food dangers for dogs Christmas is a wonderful time of year and should be full of fun for all the family, dogs included. As people are already aware there are a lot of the potential toxic foods for dogs around this

show dog

Factors Involved In Preparing a Dog For Competition or Show.

There are many factors involved in preparing a dog for competition or show. The following article we are going to discuss four of these factors: Factor one: What are the different types of shows and competitions available. Factor two: What are the breed standards and what do the mean

dogs sitting together

The Top 10 Most Popular UK Dog Breeds

Do you agree with these most popular uk dog breeds Are you considering buying a dog as a family pet? Then you might be wondering what the most popular uk dog breeds are in the right now! Well when we talk about the popularity of a dog