group picture from a canine coaching walk

Working nationwide with tailor-made solutions to suit all budgets. Paul Daly HDipCCB One of the UK’s Leading Dog Behaviourists and his Team provide 121 Solutions and Behavioural Rehabilitation for the most severe of dog behaviours.

Delivering the Right Hands on Knowledge

I have made it my purpose in life to help you understand your dog and build a true relationship which is based on trust. I have worked with 1000’s of dogs and their owners with 70% of these cases being aggression to both dogs and people. Whilst the remaining 30% of cases were made up of pulling on the lead, over excitement, recall, prey drive behaviour, separation anxiety and training related issues.

My commitment to you and your dog does not stop when I leave your door. I will give you the support, knowledge and direction anytime you feel you need my help.

About Paul Daly
Head Behaviourist HDipCCB
Paul Daly

Hi my name is Paul Daly and I have been around dogs and dog training for more years than I care to remember, working as a full time UK dog behaviourist since 2001.

My early childhood memories are of dogs, we had many different breeds over the years ranging from a Border Collie X, Jack Russell, Lurcher, Labrador, German Shepherds to a Red Setter.

When I was a child a dog was a dog, it was treated as a dog and it was respected as such, they never had any behavioural issues and were balanced.

My first real memories of building a bond with a dog outside of our own dogs was with a Rottweiler whose name I do not recall. What I do recall though is how he was nearly as big as me and was the most friendly, softest and most playful dog I had ever met. I spent hours with this dog, learning how to play and learning his language it was I think the real turning point for me and that encounter with him changed me forever.

As the years passed my passion for dogs grew and as I was born a country boy it was the working breeds that took my heart first. Lurchers, Whippets, Spaniels, Terriers, Labradors ect. It was with the sporting and working breeds that I started to build my training business as a Field Sport Trainer.

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