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8 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for People with Allergies

Pets make good companions at home. They can bring joy and remove stress after a long day at work. Not only are they lovable, but they have quite an ability to make life less lonely. Pets come in many forms; they can be dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, etc.  But among them, dogs are the most common and popular choice as pets. Dogs are loyal, fun loving and come in various breeds and sizes. Dogs can be trained and taught to do tricks; they are very social, energetic and fun.

Although dogs are popular, for some people, dogs can be difficult to keep as pets due to allergies. Since most all dogs have fur, some people who are prone to allergies cannot enjoy the joy of having dogs as pets. But this is not impossible though. As mentioned, dogs come in many different breeds, and there are some breeds that are quite suitable for people with allergies. These breed of dogs, or commonly known as Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds, usually have less fur or doesn’t shed too much of it (means lesser vacuuming!).

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

1. Yorkshire Terrier – This small and spunky breed only sheds a little. They are very loyal and devoted companions but tends to bark a bit too excessively.

2. Shih Tzu – A popular option, the Shih Tzu doesn’t shed, and hair only falls when brushed or broken. It has a double coat which means that it needs regular brushing. They are loyal, friendly and suitable for a family dog.

3. Poodle – It doesn’t shed very much and is well known for being odorless. They are very intelligent and responsive dogs. It comes in different sizes – toy, miniature, and standard.

4. Maltese – A miniature breed, the Maltese grows to small sizes and has long, silky hair that sheds minimally. They are calm, gentle and adorable. They make good family dogs.

5. Samoyed – A beautiful dog which has a dense white coat. A word of caution – they shed extensively at least twice a year! They are great around kids for being gentle and smiley and are known for being laid-back.

6. Chinese Crested – A hairless dog breed, the Chinese Crested has soft skin. They are alert, agile, has an extremely loving personality.

7. Labradoodle – A mix between a Labrador Retriever and a miniature Poodle.  They are low-shedding, naturally active, friendly and good-natured.

8. Schnauzer – Another popular dog breed which has minimal shedding. They make excellent watchdogs and are very loyal companions.

Perfect Companions for Allergies Sufferers

These dogs are well known and popular hypoallergenic dogs available today. It is not a guaranteed solution though – sometimes allergy sufferers may still be allergic to them and this really depends on the individual’s tolerance. With the right amount of research and effort, these dogs can be perfect companions for allergies sufferers. People with allergies can now experience the fun and joy of owning a dog as pets.

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