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3 Steps to the Perfect Dog Recall

How do you achieve the perfect dog recall

There are many techniques used when it comes to dog recall training, some good some bad but whatever the technique you try it can mean nothing if your dog is not focused on you.

Yesterday we saw Havoc, who is now 12 months old, he has certainly developed into an absolutely lovely dog.

However his recall has been a real challenge as he just wants to go and play with other dogs across the park.

What are the recall steps

Focus – focus on you not the outside stimuli.

Trust – In your dog & the tools you are using

Don’t Panic – Causes excitement in your dog

Is this a bad thing? Well yes it is. As Havoc will run from one end of the park to the other.

His owners are forced into a game of chase, as no vocal commend will work.

Recalling your dog

1 – Focus – The most important step, gaining the dogs focus on you not the outside stimuli.

How to gain your dogs focus – You need to work out what drives your animal, whether that be food, toy or simple long lead work.

Focus is your building block, take your time in assessing what works for you and your dog.

2 – Trust – If you are using the long lead, trust your dog, drop the lead.

Giving an illusion of freedom to the dog whilst maintaining control.

When ready, step on or hold the long lead, taking care not to pull or jolt your dog. At the same time shout your recall command.

Repeat several times to gain consistency, this will start the process of getting the perfect dog recall.

3 – Panic – Don’t, it causes excitement in your dog, will break focus between you and your dog.

Stay calm, if you’re using a long lead, you are always in control.

Follow these 3 steps and you will have a perfect dog recall like what we achieved with Havoc.

It was the first walk in months that Havoc did not run off to another dog.

Repeating the process will only aid in keeping a 100% recall.

How is your dogs recall?

Want to learn advance dog recall?