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black labrador

A Change in a Dogs Mind

The purpose of puppy teething

Small subtle changes in a dog’s mind can make all the difference.
Rehabilitation is about making subtle changes in the way dogs see the activities it is being presented with on a day to basis in a positive way.

It’s these small subtle changes that make all the all the difference.

The human mind is a complex structured set of cognitive faculties that enables conscious thinking, judgement, and memory.

This is what characterises a human.

Similar is what characterises a dog as it has the ability to perceive and process information, retain it as knowledge and applying this knowledge to solve any given problem.

Unlike a human though a dog will only change if its instinct is in line with such change. Controlling a behaviour is as much about changing the external reaction as the internal reasoning for the behaviour.

A dog needs to pause and process, see the activity for what it is and then react according to mindset.

Making small subtle changes while monitoring the dog’s levels and watch for the changes in body language and energy.

What you are looking for is a positive reaction to the new change in behaviour.

Fight or Flight is a negative reaction it is high-end so we need either avoidance or acceptance.

We have to be the influence, the one that makes this subtle changes in a dogs mind.

We have the ability to consciously change our thinking and this is what will influence the change in our dog’s behaviour.


british bull dog

Canine Psychology

Basic Understanding Of Canine Psychology

Every species including the human species has its own psychology. When we think about Canine psychology we think of it as the study of the mind.READ MORE

dog workshop

20th July’14 Dog Foundation Course

Canine Coaching’s Dog Foundation Course

At Canine Coaching we pride ourselves on listening to people and will tailor our services where there is a demand for particular information/guidance. This is exactly how the first Dog Foundation Course came about. This course sold out within 14 days of announcement and we have continued to receive requests for additional opportunities to attend.

To this end, we have introduced a 2nd date to accommodate anyone that missed out or was unavailable to attend the previous date.

Bookings are now being taken for a 1 day Dog Foundation Course on 20th July 2014 at Scooby’s Doggy Day Care, Northampton.

For every secured booking, Canine Coaching are donating part of the course fee to Wonky Pets Rescue. The first date has already raised £500 and this second date will raise yet more.



To reserve your place now, please contact Paul Daly on 07765987966



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