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shia pia

Dog behaviour – When the Positive out ways the Negative

What is Positive and what is Negative in Dog behaviour

What we have to realise that is with any behavioural training there always going to be a certain amount of negative before you can reach the positive.

What we have to do is monitor the levels of cortisone during this time, making sure it does no cause a continuing unbalanced.

When introducing a tool like a lead or head collar to a dog it can be a challenge, not all types suit every dog.

You have to find the one that works, but that also means you may have to go through a certain amount of negative.

This is a process I call “The Fight”. It is the point where your dog gets to its limit and will try to keep its previous dog behaviour.

The challenge is to help your dog understand that it’s a positive to move forward and accept a new and balanced state of mind.

Over the last two-day we have been working with Max and his intensity on the lead, we have tried to introduce a head collar but this has just increased his intensity.

shia pia

To keep The Fight to a minimum we have reverted back to the standard slip and using pressure release and spatial pressure to establish a calm state with Max.

Creating a calm mind in dog behaviour, requires us to block & re-focus the dog, learning their body behaviour prevents the level 10 reaction from manifesting. Ultimately we can then move forward in a positive & calm way.