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collie cross

Bebe now Blaze

destination pet

Second chance for dog at a local animal shelter

I first met Bebe now named Blaze when he was at Animals In Need, a local animal shelter that took part in our 4Paw start rescue dog scheme.

collie cross

He had been over looked so many times because he was very reactive with some people, anxious excitable and did not like dogs.

He had been in Animals In Need for a long time, but never given a home until 4 months ago when he was seen and taken by Laurence and his partner and now lives a very comfortable life.

With some hard work with all his anxieties and issues have passed since moving away from the kennels, but one problem has remained which is anxious excitability on the lead around dogs.
This is why I was called in today and with a little work and a change of lead we where able to help Blaze relax and self-control his energy.

Blaze does not want to confront dogs, he is quite happy if no dog came near, however his excitability and reactions on the lead where actually triggering dogs to come near to investigate rather than stay away.

Creating a calmer energy while walking will and did help other dogs read him better and respect his space.

This is truly a great example of the right owners & environment will help & aid any dog within a Kennel or rescue organisation.

collie cross

Every dog deserve a chance, & here we have two species showing their true colours.

Lets all follow their example!