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german shepherd

Cody & Nina

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Sibling rivalry Or German Shepherd Training

When I first met these two they were to the extreme end of unbalanced. Neither Paul or Tracy could truly control them at this point and they where almost wild dogs on the end of a lead.

Like any weapon both dog were locked, loaded and ready to fire at anyone and anything that was in their line of fire. What we found though after our first session is that was not them by nature it was what the human was allowing. Paul and Tracy are seasoned German Shepherd owners and are not unwise to the breed, so why where these two so hard to control.

There is a lot written about litter mates and how it is so hard to keep them and train them. I don’t believe this is the case as when you look at wild packs they are related and all that separates them from our domestic dogs is the human. Don’t get me wrong as much like twins in humans litter mates have a strong bond and will always feed from each other.

german shepherd

This is exactly what was happening in this pair and with the help of some uneducated advise from other trainers both Paul and Tracy where loosing control fast.

german shepherd

After our first session Paul, Tracy and their son PJ have stayed consistent with the changing of the leads over to figure eights and walking them close to the heel. This has made for an amazing transformation in both dogs, going for a walk has been easier and even a pleasure. Challenging them to walk in different places which over the last 20 months have been avoided has become normal. So today was about reinforcing that believe that they can become calm balanced dogs, litter mates or not all dogs can learn to become calm.

All it took here was the right guidance and advice from me and the willingness from their owners to step up and become true Leaders.


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