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Bring joy to your dog behaviour this Christmas

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What dog behaviour do you need to solve?

This month and this month only, Canine Coaching are offering you the chance to bring balance before the festive season takes hold.

As a gesture of goodwill we are offering our 121 consultations in the Northamptonshire area at £95 normally priced at £150.

This is a limited offer and booking must be made by the end of November’15.

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[su_spoiler title=”Complete our booking form today to avoid disappointment” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]

Bookings will be taken in November’16


Our one to one training can cover anything from basic manners and life skills to severe dog-to-dog aggression or dog-to-human aggression.

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If you would like to discuss your concerns with us in order to identify the most suitable service for your situation then  Contact Us contact us now to see if you qualify.

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What Defines a Well Trained Dog

Are we heading in the right direction when training a dog

With serious increase in unwanted dog behaviour comes the increase in different types of trainers and behaviourists.READ MORE

dog training classes in northampton

Dog Training Sessions


Bringing the best Dog Training classes in Northampton to you

Our Dog Training classes in Northampton are aimed to support you & your four-legged companion. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools you need to create a lasting relationship, that all your family can enjoy.

Training is teaching a response to cues or commands, or the performance of actions not necessarily natural to the dog, training is defined as the purposeful changing of a dog’s behavior.

Training a dog in obedience is an ongoing process not just a once a week training session, the methods we use are all positive based. The level of obedience you wish to achieve with the dog is a major factor in how we structure each class, as is the commitment to helping you understand your dogs behaviour.

No breed is impossible to train, but novice owners might find training difficult to begin. Some breeds may require more patience or creativity in training than others.

Individual dogs that exhibit fearful or anxious behaviors are welcome at all our classes, we need to understand handling fearful dogs can be difficult. If you have any concerns contact me

Canine Coaching Training Sessions are friendly and informal.

  • We run classes to suit beginners and more advanced and are for dogs of all ages.
  • The aim is to help your dog to become more socialised, outgoing and well-behaved.
  • The Club is recommended by the Northamptonshire Vets.
  • You are welcome to come and visit and watch a training session in progress.

Every Friday night join like-minded people improving on their dogs Social, Behavioural or Training problems.

Training Sessions start at 8:30pm & finish at 9:30.

We hold our classes at:

St Albans Church

Broadmead Avenue



Our new Class charges are £8 per dog affective from 1st February 2016.

Spectators always welcome.

You can now book and pay online for convenience