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boxer breed

A Day with Daisy

destination pet

How determined is the Boxer Breed?

I had been called in to see Daisy, a boxer breed that had started to exhibited some aggression towards dogs and her owner was starting to worry also about her behaviour around people. So a round trip of over 200 miles to meet the lovely Daisy and her owner Julie.

Is she aggressive?

In a word “NO” she is anxious reactive though, being reactive and being aggressive are to completely different states of mind. Aggression in dogs is a very unbalanced behaviour, reaction to certain stimuli is normal and if kept to a low-level it will never turn to unbalanced aggression.

So working on this principle we where ready to move Daisy forward and walk is the key factor.

boxer dog

Daisy is a strong dog

Daisy came to Julie when she was 9 months old, she is now 4yrs old, coming from the boxer breed, she certainly is a strong dog and for a while now Julie has been using a body harness. Away from any external influences Daisy will walk ok on the harness, add a dog or people and you have a fight on your hands to just control her. So it was time to change this around so we had control of this activity.

Changing the lead is a process

When you change leads especially if you change to a head harness you will get a certain amount of fight. When you understand and relax, you have to look past the fight and look at the end result. This was my goal to get Daisy walking in a controlled manner as this will be the foundation for Julie to build on and the figure eight plus the harness was the combination that worked.

What did this process give us?

This process once Daisy had relaxed gave us a chance to challenge Daisy to remain calm and focus on the walk whatever the stimuli. We spent some time solo walking her up and down the road and then it was Tarns turn to help. Tarn knows his job and Daisy relaxed enough to allow Julie to walk both side by side, becoming a leader not just an owner has boosted Julie’s confidence with Daisy and I have already received feedback saying that they have been out on our first solo walk went further than yesterday.

Well done Julie, I will see you soon.