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assistance dog

What makes a good Assistance Dog

Can you pet pooch become your assistance dog

Yes, it all comes down to training; the assistance dog is trained no differently than any other working dog.

They are given a task to do, like all dogs when trained will perform these tasks to a high standard.

assistance dog


Many breeds of dog have been used throughout the years as assistance dogs.

The truth is that we have a variety of breeds working as assistance dog’s, it all comes down to personal choice and training


The most popular being the Labrador or the Golden retriever we also have the Pointers, certain Hounds, Dalmations, Setters and even the little Papillon working to assist the disable in some way.

But it’s not just pure breeds that make good assistance dogs many mixed breeds have become hearing dogs and dog for the disabled.

So what makes a good assistance dog?

Some say it is a hereditary breed trait, but as you can see by the list of different dogs being used including cross breeds this is simply not true.

assistance dog

What is that gives these dogs the ability to help the human in the ways that our standard pet pooch cannot.

The answer is nothing; all dogs have the ability and the ingrained need to be with and help the human.

It all comes down to training, the dog’s ability to engage in the human, focus on the humans needs not it’s  own.

Its own needs are being fulfilled through the process of helping the human.

Through positive training, fun working games and interaction gives you your bond, your foundation to build not just a relationship but a mutual working relationship with your dog.

When we think assistance dog we think guide dogs or dogs for the disabled.

An assistance dog can be as simple as helping people not to slip into depression or warning them that they about to have episode or seizure.

However with all assistance work they require different types of training but to them it is a task that has been given to them by the human and it becomes their job.