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Controlling the Impulse to Flight

Controlling flight within dogs

Dogs work on impulse but when this instinct is causing them to flight and become fearful,then we need to unblock and change that impulse.



Understanding Your Dog

Confused about understanding your dog

There is no question that as humans we often misunderstand the needs of our dogs.READ MORE


Over Excitement

There are many causes of over-excitement.

Your dog seeing prey-like bunnies, squirrels, birds can cause an excited response. Just being off-lead can excite for some dogs, listening to noises and sniffing the smells. READ MORE

The mind of the Rescue Dog

So you want to open your heart and home to a Canine Companion?

Well stop for a moment before you rush down to you local Dog Rescue to look for a new best friend or contact a breeder to ask about a Puppy.READ MORE



Separation anxiety – how has it affected your dog

Research suggests that canine separation anxiety is one of the most common behaviour problems that many dog owners experience.READ MORE