dog in wait position

Pause & Process Dog Training Method

Pause & Process dog training method is fundamentally the skill of Learning.

When working with a dog with behavioural problems you have to think about the stress levels it is experiencing at all times.READ MORE


Total Recall

Achieving the perfect dog recall

In an ideal world, when the dog hears the words come!” he or she should stop what he is doing and run back toward you.READ MORE

The Retractable Lead!

We don’t always think ahead to the possible negative incidences

Many dog owners delight in the idea of a retractable leash, believing it gives their dog their freedom to roam and run while still connected with their owner.READ MORE

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How to walk a Dog on the Lead

10 Steps to help you walk a dog on a lead

To help you decide, read these tips on how to walk a dog on a lead, stay in control, and confirm you have the right tools for the ideal walk:READ MORE

dog chasing a ball

Playing with your Dog

Setting the right challenges when playing with your dog

Playing with your dog is an important part of their training. Every time you interact with your dog you are using a form of training.READ MORE